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Shrug it off… | Tuesday, 28 October, 2008

So I have had a rough couple weeks. I’ve just felt very overwhelmed by many different things that have been pushing on me lately. I cannot seem to shake any of these things. and by shake i simply mean to be able to get all of them off my mind and be able to focus solely on one thing. So many things are just consuming my mind and consuming everything that I am doing. I feel like I’ve pushed God completely out of all of these things because of the pressure and the “belief” that I have to get these things done today, right now, immediately! I am so sick of feeling like I always place God on the outside, thinking, well I’ll have time for him later. I think I need to take a retreat and get by myself for a few days. I need some time to regather myself and allow these “to-do items” to just pass by. I don’t mean not do them, but allow them to be there but not my focus. My focus needs to be my Savior and my Father cause he’s the only one who can make these “items” successful or somewhat worthy of his blessing.

>> Father God, please abide in me this week. Please become everything I do, everything I live for. Permeate my mind and my soul. Give me your spirit of rest and love. May I love as you did and always will. <<


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