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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, 27 November, 2008
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Happy thanksgiving!!

What is your favorite part about thanksgiving?

a. eating the turkey

b. watching detroit lose year after year

c. time with family members

d. excuse to eat excessively


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a strange feeling….

Monday, 24 November, 2008
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okay so i can’t really sleep. so funny me, i decided to blog about today’s conference. tonight, we had a lady speaking about what i thought was a great thing to think about. Here’s a question for you to ponder and get back to me.

Question: When you accept Jesus as your savior, do you not give your life wholly, and completely to Jesus Christ? Which in turn, does that mean you and Jesus become the same person?

Personally, i believe that yes, when you accept Jesus and ask him into your heart (salvation), your life becomes melded with Jesus and you become one. Now, the hard part is allowing yourself to give your life to Jesus and allow him to take you where he wants you. My struggle, and obviously others’ around, is that I continue trying to take that ownership back. I give it to Jesus and then I take it back. Instead, we should continually be giving everything we get to God and asking, okedoke God, what do you want me to do here? And I think eventually when you become disciplined enough to do this on a daily basis, it almost becomes non-existent because your thoughts and your desires are catered to and centered around the desires of God. When we can make it there, the struggle between our flesh and our spiritual nature is conquered (as much as it can be) and it becomes somewhat of a natural thing for our lives. What is to stop us from becoming like Jesus?

Let’s take a look at the company Jesus kept:

Paul – he was a tax collector before he became a Disciple of Christ. He would be considered a terrorist during that time period because he persecuted people.

Peter – he denied Christ three times to save his own hide, not to mention he’s a quick tempered, sword-toting burst of fire. Don’t forget that Jesus also had to take Peter’s sword down and correct the outburst of his actions.

Thomas – he doubted everything everyone told him, including Jesus! He would not believe that his savior had been resurrected until he saw the holes in his hands and his feet in the upper room

Judas – he totally betrays Jesus for the price of 30 pieces of silver. A traitor? Amidst Jesus Christ? And Jesus Christ allowed him to stick around? He didn’t ask the “traitor” to leave? Hmmmm I think our church today could definately take a lesson from the company Jesus kept…


Remember: The church is a place for the sick. and who exactly is sick? You and I, including those other people. So what does this mean for the church?


Okay so another ADD post. My apologies. Give me some thoughts on what you’re thinking. ADD’ers are encouraged to be themselves as well.

Franchis Chan….NYWC 2008

Saturday, 22 November, 2008
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Hey friends,

I think an important issue was addressed last night. Franchis seemed to call the church to task and to ask them to evaluate the way they are doing ministry. I think he made some valid points about what the church does with its’ resources. WHy do we spend money on a building when we can definately create a building for less than the “appropriate” amount? It almost feels as though the church building has a competition.

“the church with the biggest, baddest (by baddest, i mean coolest), and best building will win the most heaven tokens to play the game!” I understand time constraints and things that have to be done but can’t we be using that money for better things? I bet we put over 60% of our resources and efforts into Sunday mornings and the things done for that. What if we spent those resources and time and effort into things done for people outside the church? Just a thought. The church is to be a home for the sick and those wanting healing. Aren’t we all sick and needing help? Aren’t there better things we can be doing to bring God’s Kingdom to earth? Are we really being responsible for the resources God has given us? Just a thought. Give it a thought. Let me know what you think…

first night….

Saturday, 22 November, 2008
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Top Random, Unexpected Things Heard the First Day of NYWC

1. Hearing a speaker for the General Session say “Sphincter”. Not really sure if I spelled that correctly though…

2. Franchis Chan yelling that poop was more valuable than flavorless salt.

3. Andrew Marin describing a situation in which a teenager dropped f-bombs at him for a straight hour.

4. Watching Mark Yaconelli disco dancing with a disco ball.

5.Being part of the “Slow Club”.

6. Listening to Andrew Marin practically yell at the audience for using the term “homosexual” to describe gays and lesbians.


alright alright. so the first day of the conference was incredible! I don’t know how to put it into words so i won’t at this exact moment. But Francis Chan spoke to my heart on Friday morning/afternoon. He spoke about what the church is today and what the church looked like in the book of Acts. He made some really good points with regard to the use of our finances and the efforts and the things that the churches seem to find so extremly important. I think it’s something that we, as God’s bride and God’s body, need to look at as a church and see where we come up short or where we put too much value into….It was an amazing thought-provoking talk. More on that later…


But the conference is incredible. Getting some great time alone and some time to rest. it’s needed for me right now. this has been a great experience. I look forward to getting back to ministry and being able to wrestle with all the things i’m Hearing this weekend. I will have adequate time to actually dissect stuff and think through what i’ve heard.

I’ll be back soon. Buh bye.

NYWC 2008!!!!!

Thursday, 20 November, 2008
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Yeah! I’m on my way today to the National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville, TN. It’s going to be such a fresh breath of air for my soul and my mind. I’m excited about this opportunity. I’ll be sharing on my blog while I’m there so check back on Friday or Saturday.

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