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first night…. | Saturday, 22 November, 2008

Top Random, Unexpected Things Heard the First Day of NYWC

1. Hearing a speaker for the General Session say “Sphincter”. Not really sure if I spelled that correctly though…

2. Franchis Chan yelling that poop was more valuable than flavorless salt.

3. Andrew Marin describing a situation in which a teenager dropped f-bombs at him for a straight hour.

4. Watching Mark Yaconelli disco dancing with a disco ball.

5.Being part of the “Slow Club”.

6. Listening to Andrew Marin practically yell at the audience for using the term “homosexual” to describe gays and lesbians.


alright alright. so the first day of the conference was incredible! I don’t know how to put it into words so i won’t at this exact moment. But Francis Chan spoke to my heart on Friday morning/afternoon. He spoke about what the church is today and what the church looked like in the book of Acts. He made some really good points with regard to the use of our finances and the efforts and the things that the churches seem to find so extremly important. I think it’s something that we, as God’s bride and God’s body, need to look at as a church and see where we come up short or where we put too much value into….It was an amazing thought-provoking talk. More on that later…


But the conference is incredible. Getting some great time alone and some time to rest. it’s needed for me right now. this has been a great experience. I look forward to getting back to ministry and being able to wrestle with all the things i’m Hearing this weekend. I will have adequate time to actually dissect stuff and think through what i’ve heard.

I’ll be back soon. Buh bye.


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