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Franchis Chan….NYWC 2008 | Saturday, 22 November, 2008

Hey friends,

I think an important issue was addressed last night. Franchis seemed to call the church to task and to ask them to evaluate the way they are doing ministry. I think he made some valid points about what the church does with its’ resources. WHy do we spend money on a building when we can definately create a building for less than the “appropriate” amount? It almost feels as though the church building has a competition.

“the church with the biggest, baddest (by baddest, i mean coolest), and best building will win the most heaven tokens to play the game!” I understand time constraints and things that have to be done but can’t we be using that money for better things? I bet we put over 60% of our resources and efforts into Sunday mornings and the things done for that. What if we spent those resources and time and effort into things done for people outside the church? Just a thought. The church is to be a home for the sick and those wanting healing. Aren’t we all sick and needing help? Aren’t there better things we can be doing to bring God’s Kingdom to earth? Are we really being responsible for the resources God has given us? Just a thought. Give it a thought. Let me know what you think…


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  1. excellent post man. expound on your thoughts a little bit for us.
    to often we say good powerful things but yet we don’t have any real definition of the how or why behind what we say!

    what do you think can be done with your ministry after hearing such words

    Comment by Brit Windel — Sunday, 23 November, 2008 @ 8.29 pm

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