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Friday, 30 April, 2010
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I am curious about using new or different lighting ideas for worship services. I am doing this in hopes of discovering some new ways to enhance the worship experience and time with our church. Try to eliminate the distractions that we have some kind of control over.

I need some new ideas and some creative ideas to lighten the stage and room. As of right now, we just use a simple rack attached to the ceiling with lights mostly focused on different stage spots. Most of the lights aren’t colored, but just emphasis the stage. We keep the house pretty normal, not dimming them very much at all.

anbody with any new ideas?


Two weeks into it…

Friday, 1 August, 2008

What does it mean to be “Christ’s church”

What is Christ’s bigger vision for “my church”?

How often do we consider ourselves part of a much bigger, much more expanding “church”?

What does it mean to lead worship? i’ve taken the courses, i’ve read about the different styles and movements, i’ve heard the talk. but what does it mean to be a biblical worship leader? a biblical leader doesn’t take admonishment, but rather points to the one who makes all things possible. a biblical leader prays for God’s spirit to lead his church. i had a conversation with a friend a few months ago and we were talking about the “american” idea of a leader and we both agreed that although it is somewhat good, is the meaning of an “american” ideal “leader” biblically founded?

if christ is our priest who has gone through all for us and has suffered everything for us, then he is our example for what a biblical leader must be. if christ is a perfect example of a leader, we’re way off.

a leader is one who serves. in all capacities. and sometimes serving means thumping people (which doesn’t feel like serving, but you’re serving the person for the betterment of their being). and sometimes serving means takin the heat.

so, in the grand scheme of things, how do you lead a church? lead a youth ministry? lead a worship ministry?